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Thanks for dropping into my website and Welcome to my internet marketing website

My name is Ken Hamilton and I’m from a little town in Northern Ireland called Antrim in the county of Antrim, just on the upper right corner of Lough Neagh. I 62 years young and married to my wife Tina for 44 years in October, we have 4 grown-up children 3 boys and 1 girl.

I’ve worked in the road haulage industry for most of my working life and it didn’t do my body any good, bulging discs and now arthritis in my neck and lower spine, which got worse in 2012 when I hurt my back and neck and had to have 2 discs removed from my neck and wasn’t able to work for 6 years.

That is why I became interested in Internet Marketing and hope to help other people who may have similar problems and would like to learn about this fantastic business which has saved me from a very boring retirement and enabled me to make an income so that my wife and I can travel the world and do what we enjoy rather than being stuck in the house.

I will create reviews, news updates about what’s happening in Internet Marketing and free training to help you learn about this industry.

If you have any questions or queries or you want to know more, then leave a comment below, plus I’m always open to feedback and criticism so let me know if there’s anything that you would like to learn and if there’s enough demand, then I will create it for you, or anything you think I could improve, because I’d love to hear your feedback.

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